Gallipoli Exhibition – Te Papa Museum

108 views August 29, 2018 AETM Committee


The exhibition was to be an experience based exhibition which immerses the participant on a journey through the ANZAC Gallipoli campaign. The Te Papa design team teamed up with Weta Workshop with Sir Richard Taylor as Creative Director. The air of anticipation captivated the NZ patronage and there was a huge level of expectation.

The visitor is to be taken on a journey through the ANZAC campaign from the landing to the final departure and is to be immersed right into the experience with surround sound audio and complex visual display elements. All technology needs to be integrated together and controlled as a seamless system to enhance the visitor experience. The aim is to push the boundaries of exhibition story-telling and create an emotive and evocative visitor experience.



To complement the incredible Weta Workshop props and the creative initiatives the technology solutions needed to be of exceptional quality while keeping within a modest budget. Some clever usage and integration of a wide and varying array of technologies was used. They came from different market sectors, including theatrical lighting, home automation, digital signage, education RMS and professional visual display, created a bespoke and engaging result. The immersive technology solutions needed frame accurate integration from multiple technologies and programming methodologies.



Many aspects of the technology design are essentially invisible to the audience. The technology solutions tell the story and evoke emotions in a very subtle manner. They integrate with each other and also integrate seamlessly with the exhibition content and objects to enhance the visitors overall experience.



  • Technology Systems designed, integrated, programmed and commissioned by the Te Papa in-house Technology Solutions Team
  • Technology Systems installed by Toulouse ltd.
  • Image credits – Colin McLellan