AETM Online Forum Conditions of Use

The forum is a collegial atmosphere where all members, designs, standard products and operational process  are equal.  We recognise there are instances where naming a particular product may satisfy the specific needs of the discussion.  However, we have found that overt product specific forum contributions have in fact turned off fellow members from replying to these topics and has abruptly ended productive discussions.


  • We ask that members refrain from promoting particular products, manufacturers, service suppliers and distributors unless absolutely necessary to ensure the discussion remains fruitful for other members who may be viewing the particular topic
  • We ask that members refrain from negative references about particular products, manufacturers, service suppliers and distributors and suggest that to assist another member in particular question to do so outside of the forum boundaries.

AETM encourages members to share:

  • Project Case Studies
  • Organisational Standards, Guidelines, Process etc
  • Outcomes of testing, evaluations and market scans
  • Innovative ideas
  • Issue, known faults, workarounds etc
  • Job Advertisements
  • Professional Development

Forum participants who post or attach organisational information must ensure they are not breaching policy or copyright of that particular organisation.

AETM request that each member practice their own form of forum moderation by following the ‘Conditions of Use’ outlined in this document.  If at any time a member wishes to report a post, topic or thread to the moderators, the AETM Moderator Panel will as soon as practical review the reported information and moderate accordingly to these ‘Conditions of Use’.


  • Postings will not contain words or content that may offend other users.
  • Postings will not slander any member, organisation or group within the AETM’s associated communities, contain derogatory or libelous comments to a named or implied person, or breach Australian defamatory laws in any way.
  • Postings will not contain or direct abuse, directly or indirectly, at other forum users.
  • The AETM reserves the right to remove any postings that are in breach of the conditions stated here, or are not a constructive contribution to the topic under which it is being submitted.
  • Postings will include the member’s name, as it appears in the AETM member database.
  • Unsolicited postings about commercial products, promotional messages or commercial advertising are ineligible and will be removed at the discretion of AETM.  Please contact the AETM Committee if you wish to discuss alternative opportunities for communicating to members of the AETM.
  • In the event that any postings breach these ‘Conditions of Use’, or are deemed to be defamatory or libelous in accordance with Australian Law, the AETM reserves the right to provide any information about the posting, and posting member, to any party/person claiming to be or representing the party/person that the posting was directed against.  All members agree that the AETM has the sole right to decide if this information should be released, and in the event that it does, and postings are found to not contain defamatory information, members cannot take action against the AETM under the Privacy Act.  Please note that the AETM will NOT release this information to any party unless it believes that a law has been broken.


  • Use of any information found within a forum topic by any member or person is entirely voluntary.
  • Users are solely responsible for the correct application of information found in forum posts and AETM does not assume responsibility for any loss or dispute arising from any use or misuse of a member discussion.
  • The AETM will not mediate or censor this forum in any way, with the exception of posts it deems breach the ‘Conditions of Use’.
  • The AETM does not endorse or support any postings placed in this forum.  The AETM’s involvement with this forum goes no further than providing a forum for members to share and exchange information and opinions.

If you have any concerns or wish to seek additional guidance on AETM forum contribution etiquette, please contact the Committee at:  We thank you for your understanding and continued contributions, and hope that the forum will provide an invaluable resource for your membership staff roster.