Thanks to the new AETM/AVIXA collaborative agreement, for less than the cost of joining InfoComm alone, your organisation can now have the benefits of both AETM membership AND Avixa membership!

Membership Application
How much is the annual AETM Organisational Membership Fee?

Annual AETM/AVIXA combined organisational membership fees are A$450 (GST not included). That’s 20% less than the annual cost of joining AVIXA – go figure

What if my organisation is already an AVIXA member?

Not a problem – generous AETM pro-rata membership rates are available for existing AVIXA members based on their AVIXA renewal dates.

What organisations can be an AETM member?

Any organisation, institution or corporation located in the Asia Pacific region that uses AV or educational technology can be an AETM organisational member. Membership is not currently available to companies supplying AV or educational technology goods or services; however a relationship with AETM is available to those companies through sponsorship of AETM’s conference and events.

AETM Member Benefits

There is no limit on the number of employees that may be registered or their location.

AETM Conference
  • Discounted member rate for conference registration.
  • Conference presentations and workshops
  • Conference dinners and events
  • Trade exhibition
  • Free AVIXA training course
  • Site visits
Other AETM Member Benefits
  • Integrate Education Program with travel and accommodation financial assistance for AETM Members to travel to the integrate trade shows.
  • Sponsored Study Tours (e.g. 2013 Japan Study Tour)
  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Email listserv membership
  • Access to AETM online resources
  • Industry advocacy
  • Voting and committee membership rights

AVIXA Member

There is no limit on the number of employees that may be registered or their location.

Free AVIXA University Online education courses.
  • Quick Start to the AV Industry Online
  • Essentials of AV Technology Online (Value $99 per person)
  • AV Technologist Test (Value $150 per person)
  • CTS Prep Online (New in 2013 - Value $99 per person)
Other AVIXA Member Benefits
  • Free access to all AVIXA trade shows around the world (Value $15+ per person per day)
  • Free attendance at Regional Roundtables (Value $25)
  • Free copies of AVIXA Standards (Value $60 each Standard)

Payment terms for Organisational Membership

Service Provided

Annual AETM membership of $450AUD (no GST) includes full organisational membership of AVIXA. A 2.0% surcharge applies to all credit card payments.

Refund Policy

AETM respects your rights to a refund on your membership if a relevant customer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law ( has been breached.


Please contact the AETM Secretary by email at

For all postal enquiries please send your correspondence to:

Unit 9 / 22 Parry Avenue,
Bateman, WA, 6150