Audio Visual Design Guidelines

Viewing Categories

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The majority of environments encountered in the professional AV realm will meet one of the categories first defined in ANSI/InfoComm 3M Projected Image System Contrast Ratio. These four viewing categories (Table n) are planned to be used by AVIXA for all future ‘image’ standards.

These are summarised as:

Passive viewing  
Basic Decision Making (BDM)  
Analytical Decision Making (ADM)  
Full Motion Video  


Specialist spaces should always be designed to reflect the specific requirements of that specialism. Whilst specialist spaces may not be formally covered by the AVIXA categories, the principles remain informative. Examples of specialist spaces include:

  • Cinemas should be designed to SMPTE or other industry criteria
    • If also used for non-cinema screenings, a lecture theatre should have projection and lighting which is configurable to achieve AVIXA’s Full Motion Video requirements
  • Professional medical imaging analysis (compared to training spaces)

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