Audio Visual Design Guidelines

Define the Purpose

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Common Objectives

Below is a list of common objectives for lecture capture:

  • Record presentation and class material of lectures
  • Record study information, discussions, and whiteboards from tutorials & studio sessions
  • Record detailed actions of instructor, or students (simulation lab) for forensic review
  • Peer-to-peer student-created video learning opportunities
  • Distance learning (remote students or remote instructor)
  • Flipped classroom (tutorials and discussions regarding recorded content)

Emerging Technology and Use-cases

A recording and streaming system may also be utilised for advanced applications:

  • Mobile recording (user’s device tablet / phone)
  • Live-streaming – Webinars (~10-50 viewers)
  • Live-streaming – Broadcast over the internet (100+ viewers)
  • Viewer participation through comments, annotation, et al
  • Speech-to-text video search and indexing
  • Artificial intelligence to generate close-captions (including language translation)
  • Artificial intelligence to computer speech translation (speech synthesis)

Audiovisual Room Types

Below is a list of common types of rooms where lecture capture may be deployed:

  • Lecture theatres
  • Auditoriums
  • Classrooms
  • Studios
  • Simulation labs (ie nurse training, flight simulators)
  • Activity-based learning spaces

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