Audio Visual Design Guidelines

Project Management

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Depending on the complexity of the project, there are many instances where you might want to use a dedicated AV Project Manager (PM). Each organisation will be different, however the typical responsibilities of the role include: defining project scope, team and deliverables, reporting and governance structure, managing communications with key stakeholders and steering committees, managing budgets, risks, contracts and other elements. 

Typically AV integrators will have their own internal project manager,  and depending on the project size organisations will often have multiple PM’s working on the same project from different angles. 

If a project has no internal PM assigned, you may be able to outsource the project management aspects to an integrator, consulting directly with the internal designer. 

PMs come with varying amounts of experience. AETM strongly recommends that engaging an experienced AV project manager will help to guarantee successful project outcomes.

Project managers from the following areas are required to work together to deliver a project: 

  • IT project teams / IT Program Management team
  • Capital Projects / Facilities Management / Property Management
  • Executive Projects Office / Project Management Office
  • Strategic Projects Directorate / Digital Roadmap Development Office
  • External AV Consultants / Contracted Project Managers

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