Audio Visual Design Guidelines

Documentation Responsibilities

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Project Brief Development

The organisation’s AV staff will be available to assist with the project brief development and should be involved in the first round of consultation.

Where early engagement with head contractors are to take place, the current version of the organisation’s specific AV standards should be provided and referenced.

Tender Documentation

Tender documentation should be produced by the organisation’s AV staff or by an internally  engaged AV consultant, at their discretion. Where an AV consultant is engaged externally, they must engage with the internal AV project team. All tender documentation should comply with and include the current version of the organisation’s specific AV standards.

As-Built Drawings

Copies of all shop drawings and as-built drawings are to be provided to the organisation’s AV staff at practical completion. 

A suitably protected set of documentation should be provided on site, preferably located in a holder located in the equipment rack.  All drawings are to comply with the organisation’s drawing standards or with the respective ANSI standard.

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