Audio Visual Design Guidelines

Define the Purpose

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Common Objectives

Below is a list of common objectives for a digital signage system deployment:

  • Broadcast messages and improve engagement with staff & faculty
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Provide information on upcoming events
  • Space management through room booking and scheduling
  • Boost sales and revenue through advertising
  • Provide interactive or static wayfinding

Emerging Technology and Use-cases

A digital signage system may also be utilised for advanced interactivity and personalisation:

  • Personalised wayfinding (find colleague, find hotdesk, et al)
  • Integration with user’s mobile device (QR code, mobile apps)
  • Anonymous biometrics and analytics (age, gender, level of attention)

Digital Signage Compared to IPTV

Consider the content that will be presented to each display:

  • A digital signage system typically suits project requirements where each individual display can present content independently to other displays in the system
  • An IPTV system typically suits project requirements where identical content is broadcast to groups of displays

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