Audio Visual Design Guidelines

Asset management, monitoring and analytics requirements

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A software dashboard for tracking for AV assets (both devices and systems) which includes:

  • serial, MAC address, asset details
  • specific configuration or location note
  • projector lamp hours, or other consumables
  • warranty status
  • associated support model – e.g. standard, unique or unsupported
  • maintenance history
  • technology lifecycle
  • installation contractor
  • schedule preventative maintenance and servicing

Monitoring and remote support tools of all system components across all AV systems in real-time, providing::

  • network connectivity status
  • in-use / available status
  • vendor-specific remote support client and server application access (e.g. DSP configuration software)
  • real-time notifications for technical support (email, text message, live chat)
  • remote virtual touch panel control of the AV systems
  • remote visual monitoring to reduce unnecessary travel and increase efficiency
  • remotely controllable power distribution units for power cycling


It is also possible to better understand room and technology utilisation through data analytics via the room booking history and AV system usage data, using:

  • room utilisation
  • room bookings/schedule
  • AV system usage data including source usage, touch panel heatmaps and on-times
  • system uptimes
  • system failure rates


Ideally, all of the above functionality is available in a single tool or interface for the various levels of design and support team personnel and management, allowing them the ability to create reports for improved planning and to assess trends with real data to inform design decisions. Where disparate systems are required, care should be taken to minimise data management overhead, and reduce duplication of functions across systems.

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