Audio Visual Design Guidelines


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Management of AV over IP devices can be handled in multiple ways, and a combination is often required for the commissioning, support and user-driven control of AV content.


Vendor Software

Vendor-specific software should be available for download that allows direct communication between encoders/decoders and a computer or server via a network.


Web Browser Access

Encoders and decoders should be accessible via web browser (HTTPS) for configuration of the majority of settings.


AV over IP Management Device

Specific AV over IP management devices are often available from vendors for control and management of large deployments, creating a single point of access to multiple encoders and decoders.


AV over IP management  is defined as follows:

  • Software running on computer hardware to communicate with encoders/decoders connected to the network
  • Management device may be:
    • A function of the AV control processor deployed for the AV systems; or
    • A device deployed specifically for managing the AV over IP system; or
    • A software package installed on standard server computer hardware
  • Connects to the network via Ethernet interface
  • Controls the operation of the codec devices
  • May facilitate the bulk configuration, or automatic configuration of endpoint devices connected to the network
  • Control protocol/API compatible with third party control systems


Common hardware features of AV over IP management:

  • Ethernet interface
  • Additional Ethernet interface for remote administration when video is using an air gapped switch.
  • Device types:
    • AV control processor device 
    • AV over IP specialised management device 
    • Standalone Room Controller
    • Centralised Control Server


Common software features of AV over IP management:

  • Embedded web browser configuration interface (navigate to device IP address to access management pages)
  • Remote management features
  • Auto-discover codecs connected to local network
  • Manage configuration of codec devices over network
  • Supports 802.1x Network Access Control
  • Proprietary software features (platform-dependent):
    • Secure AES-256 encrypted connections
    • Active Directory / LDAP authentication
    • Remote management via secure shell (SSH) authentication

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