Audio Visual Design Guidelines

Avoidance of acoustic anomalies

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Early engagement with an acoustic consultant can be invaluable in helping avoid or minimise acoustic anomalies.

There are other potential acoustic performance issues that should be reviewed and addressed by the project’s acoustic consultant. The consultant will consider room size, shape and location of fixtures as aspects of the design that may give rise to issues of: 

  • echoes or late arriving reflections
  • standing waves with resultant nodes and antinodes in the lower frequencies; and 
  • focussed reflections, e.g. from curved rear walls

In addition to their general advice, the consultant may be requested to pay special attention to the geometry and proposed finishes of more critical spaces including:

  • theatres and large teaching spaces with raked or tiered seating
  • performance and function spaces
  • meeting rooms where a primary use case is video conferencing or unified communications

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