Call for Presentations – AETM Conference

Dear Members,

Present at this year’s AETM Conference and receive FREE conference registration and be eligible to win 1 of 2 presentation scholarships worth $5,000each!

This year, we will be running concurrent sessions to allow for more members to be able to present than ever before!  There will be two have focus streams such as “Management and Operations” and “Projects and Innovation”.

Presenting at the AETM annual conference is one way to contribute your knowledge and experience within our community.

Monday, September 10th, 2018

Whether you’re a conference veteran or a first timer, please share your expertise by submitting a presentation proposal. Proposals can be from individuals, or you might prefer to find colleagues who’ll be co-presenters on a topic of shared interest.

How can we use students to support AV solutions
Active learning classrooms-conception to completion
Equipment rentals and campus events
Huddle rooms and huddle style classrooms
Managing staff
Emerging technologies
Practical ways to work with vendors
BYOD integration into classroom environments
Professional Communication
Lecture/event live streaming
Sustainability/green initiatives
Mobile clicker support (not just hardware solutions)
Inventory procedures/methods
Wireless projection
Relating to faculty tech people
Learning space design
How are faculty using technology
Digital signage
What skills does a new AV person need?
The future of 4K
How to improve services with few resources
Desktop video conferencing, IP based video conferencing
What is going on in K-12 that universities should know about
Flipped classrooms

By presenting at this year’s conference, you will be eligible to receive one of the two scholarships, annually awarded to members. These scholarships will financially support each winner up to the amount of $5,000 to attend a suitably approved conference of the recipient’s choice. Conferences include AETM, SCHOMS in the UK and CCUMC or UBTECH in the USA.

The judging committee will be looking for innovation, problem solving, excellence in execution plus unique and ground-breaking approaches to tough or complex problems.

Selection criteria include Innovation, Cleverness, Problem Solving and Benefit to the organisation in the areas of technical solutions, projects delivery, AV administration processes and AV strategic initiatives. Entries should include high quality images of the project and examples of the work done.

Previous winner Hayden Leiper, University of the Sunshine Coast:

“The Conference Presentation Scholarship awarded to me by the AETM at the 2017 annual conference has provided great value to me personally, and to the University of the Sunshine Coast.

By supporting my attendance at the 2018 UBTech Conference and InfoComm show in Las Vegas, the AETM enabled me to bring a wealth of technical design ideas, collaborative learning concepts, and audio-visual product information back to USC.

This professional development opportunity would not otherwise have been possible, and I’m confident USC will realise tangible benefits in the AV space as a direct result of the AETM’s support.

The AETM’s commitment to furthering the professional development of its members is commendable, contributing greatly to the enhancement of professional standards of practice in audio-visual and education technology management.”