AETM & AVIXA – New Friendship Agreement

The AETM Committee is very excited to announce that once again we have committed to a 3 year strategic partnership with the leading global AV Industry organisation, AVIXA (formerly know as Infocomm… for our new members!).

How does this partnership benefit you?

This partnership allows you, the AETM member, an annual combined AETM/AVIXA organisational membership at a very affordable fee of A$450 (GST not included). That’s 28% less than the annual cost of joining AVIXA directly – go figure!

What about the cost increase?

Unfortunately from 2018 due to changes at AVIXA (the name change being one minor change); they have reinvigorated their membership offerings and fees. Each AETM Member Organisation will now be offered an AVIXA Bronze Membership with unlimited individual Premium memberships when becoming an AETM member. For more detailed information on the AVIXA Membership, please visit:

If you feel that an AVIXA Bronze Membership is not enough for you, don’t worry, AVIXA have offered all AETM members who would like to increase the membership level a 35% discount.

We hope you can understand the small increase in the AETM Membership, we understand that training / membership budgets are always tight and we promise to continue to increase our offerings to our members as we have over the last few years.

Please do not hesitate to contact the committee if you have any questions at: