AETM is a professional association that represents audiovisual and educational technology managers and specialists in the Asia/Pacific region.

Key Decision Makers

AETM members are key decision makers, innovators and managers from a wide range of organisations that use AV and educational technologies. AETM negotiates collective AV industry standards, provides professional accreditation and fosters the free exchange of information amongst its members.

International Collaboration

AETM recently established a close collaboration with the international AV industry body-InfoComm. As a result, the staff of AETM member organisations now benefit from an expanded range of professional development opportunities as part or their combined AETM-InfoComm membership.

Traditional Focus

Since it was established in 2001, AETM had focussed on its traditional base of tertiary education sector. In late 2013 the AETM widened its reach and opened its doors to membership from the organisations above and more...

Sister Associations

AETM has partnered with our sister associations promoting meaningful international collaborations in the field of Audiovisual and Educational Technology and Management. Our relationships with SCHOMS and CCUMC are seen as important and strategic initiatives which will further the understanding and knowledge of each organisation.

SCHOMS – Our UK sister association is a community of professionals engaged in the design and support of University Learning Spaces and technologies.

CCUMC – Our US sister association provides leadership and a forum for information exchange to the providers of media content, academic technology, and support for quality teaching and learning at institutions of higher education.